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I'm glad to see you in my site! My professional activity is the artist original genre (hula-hoop, juggling, lasso). More than 15 years I'm already working on different corporative parties, circus arenas and stages, also in night clubs and restaurants. In my repertoire i have different original shows, which are the embodiment of my ideas and a multi-year professional experience.


Besides work in Ukraine I also worked in another countries, such as Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey. Large repertoire and professional possession of the technical elements of this genre allows me to build a program with all the features of places speeches and viewing audience.


The main elements of my programs, as i said before is hula-hoop, juggling and lasso. These artistic shows organically weave in almost any corporate event or entertainment plan, in show-program or concert. If you are interested I am always ready to discuss all the wishes and conditions of the speech delivered at your event.


With Best wishes,

Elena Vataleva





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